Ventura Civil Litigation Attorneys

Matters relating to civil law comprise a significant portion of Lowthorp Richards’s areas of focus. Our areas of focus that incorporate civil litigation include, but are not limited to, civil law matters such as family law, real estate law, estate and probate planning, and personal injury cases. The Ventura civil litigation attorneys of Lowthorp Richards give their clients a general overview of the role of civil litigation in settling disputes related to a variety of common situations that their cases may involve.

In general, civil courts is the branch of our legal system that deals with the interaction of individuals in areas such as contracts, family and domestic relations, real estate and land use, and personal injury to name a few. If disputes cannot be resolved by negotiation, arbitration, or some other method, civil litigation (filing a lawsuit) may be the only other option to resolve the matter.

At the law firm of Lowthorp Richards, our Ventura civil litigation attorneys represent clients in civil litigation matters such as:

  • Estate planning involving trusts, wills, trust administration, trust litigation, and taxation
  • Probate and estate administration litigation
  • Disputes related to the sale and purchase of securities and other investments
  • Agricultural and real estate law
  • Business Law, including contracts and disputes, partnerships, and corporation law
  • Family Law
  • Consumer and products liability
  • Personal injury, professional malpractice, and wrongful death

In many cases, our Ventura civil litigation attorneys are able to negotiate a settlement before civil litigation becomes necessary. In these cases, you will often receive a fair and just settlement faster than you would if your case “went to trial.” In other cases, particularly those arising from matters related to Family Law, disputes can be resolved through mediation and stipulation if the parties come to a mutual agreement.

Lowthorp Richards: Ventura Civil Litigation Attorneys

In civil litigation cases, your most important decision involves the selection of an attorney to advise you of your options in civil litigation matters and to act as your representative in court. Factors that should influence your decision include:

  • The attorney’s experience in managing cases similar to your case
  • His or her commitment to representing your case aggressively
  • Ease of accessibility to your attorney’s office
  • The costs associated with the management of your case from your initial consultation to final settlement

When you retain the law firm of Lowthorp Richards you will be represented by Ventura civil litigation attorneys who not only experienced in managing your type of lawsuit but also have the support of a law firm with over a century of combined experience in civil litigation. Your attorneys will personally manage your case from your first consultation to final resolution with your best interests at the forefront.

Our firm serves clients located throughout Calabasas and the surrounding areas from our offices located in the Morgan Stanley Tower in Oxnard. Since we are admitted to practice before all California state and federal courts, we can represent you in legal matters that may arise in numerous jurisdictions including the federal courts in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Contact Our Ventura Civil Litigation Attorneys

At Lowthorp Richards, we understand that many of our civil litigation clients are facing financial difficulties due to factors that are beyond their control. Since we are committed to the belief that everyone has the right to be heard in court, we will work with many of our clients on a contingency fee basis. However, in some cases, a contingency fee is not permissible. Contact our Ventura civil litigation attorneys at 805.981.8555 to discuss the particulars of your situation and to see how we may be able to help.