Tax Law

F. Ted Muegenburg

Federal and state tax issues can be very complicated. Persons who are faced with tax issues should consult with a tax law attorney who can give legal advice about remedies that may be available. In some cases, a tax lawyer can help reduce or even completely eliminate tax debts. Also, sometimes the IRS makes mistakes that are not easily identifiable. A tax lawyer can review your tax situation to identify possible errors.

Dealing with the IRS can be difficult, especially if you do not have familiarity with tax law and procedures. An experienced tax lawyer will know how to effectively and efficiently use tax law and procedure for your benefit.

What can happen if tax issues are not resolved?

The IRS is permitted to take various actions to collect on tax debts and enforce penalties. The IRS can garnish wages, place liens on property, and even take criminal action in some circumstances. Unresolved tax issues can result negatively affect a person’s credit rating and make it difficult to secure financing for things like vehicles and real estate.

If a tax issue is not resolved, interest may accrue on the debt. Further, there may be additional financial penalties for failure to make payments or meet other deadlines. Without proper attention, a tax issue can develop into a seemingly impossible issue to resolve.

How can a tax lawyer help?

A tax lawyer who has experience with tax law will be able to carefully review your situation to determine what steps can be taken to reduce your tax burden. If you owe a tax debt, a tax lawyer may be able to pursue the following remedies:

  • Installment agreement–a tax lawyer can negotiate a payment arrangement where you make consistent monthly payments to work toward
  • Offer in compromise–negotiations can be made with the IRS to reduce the tax debt owed in exchange for a lump sum payment of a lesser amount
  • Not currently collectible–your tax debt can be placed in “not currently collectible” status based upon certain hardships to prevent the IRS from enforcing the debt
  • Bankruptcy–in some situations, you may be able to discharge tax debts through bankruptcy
  • Garnishments–if wages are being garnished for collection of a tax debt, a tax attorney may be able to take actions to terminate the garnishment

Some tax law issues are complex and require the assistance of a tax lawyer. For example, if the IRS rejected a claimed tax deduction, a tax lawyer could review the law to determine whether the deduction should be allowed. A tax lawyer could seek to resolve the matter with the IRS. If the issue cannot be resolved, a tax lawyer could raise the issue through the Tax Court and have a judge make the decision.

How can the attorneys at Lowthorp Richards help with tax issues?

The attorneys at Lowthorp Richards have extensive experience working with clients to resolve tax-related issues. We serve clients in Oxnard, California and throughout the surrounding region. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated multiple settlements with the IRS. We strive to help our clients make sense of complicated tax laws and develop strategies to address tax issues.

Our legal team will work diligently to resolve any tax issues that you are facing. We can also help you take action to prevent issues from arising in the future. If you are currently facing a tax issue, or need assistance with tax planning, contact our firm at 805.981.8555 to schedule an appointment with an experienced tax lawyer.