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 (6/29/18) Managing partner Cristian Arrieta recently wrote a feature for Pacific Coast Business Times, reflecting on our firm’s history of providing quality legal services to Central Coast residents for the past century.

Older man looking at paper with woman To Catch a Thief- How to Prevent Inheritance Theft (9/4/2019) - When you create a will or estate plan you may assume that your money will go to the intended heirs. But inheritance theft can happen right in front of your heirs, and the thieves will probably get away with it if the proper measures aren’t put into place to stop them. Since the thieves are […]
Water Company Ordered to Pay Ojai Playhouse Damages (8/1/2017) - In 2014, the historic Ojai Playhouse movie theater suffered damage after a water main break caused a flood. Now, a judge has ordered the former water purveyor of the town to pay the establishment $2.7 million worth of damages. Golden State Water Co. once managed the water system for Ojai. The company was ordered to […]
Lowthorp Richards attorney wins bodysurfing competition (11/10/2014) - Brett C. Templeman, a trial attorney at Lowthorp Richards McMillan Miller & Templeman, APC, was named the Men’s Grand Champion at the 2014 World Body Surfing Championships this month. (Click here to read the full article)
New Partner at Lowthorp Richards (11/5/2014) - Darin Marx has become a shareholder and partner at Lowthorp Richards McMillan Miller & Templeman, APC located in Oxnard.