Types of Elderly Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is a very real situation that can cause immense problems for both the elder being abused and for an entire family in general. The behaviors of the perpetrators can be extremely damaging and may often require the abused to seek legal assistance. If family members contribute to the abuse of an elder, it is suggested that an attorney step in and assist in stopping the abuse and finding compensation. Who the perpetrators might be, their behaviors and which types of elderly individuals that may be at risk are all aspects of elderly financial abuse that should be addressed.

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Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce in California?

During divorce proceedings, the division of property is a common procedure most couples must go through. However, some divorcing couples can’t seem to see eye-to-eye on who gets the dog after the divorce. Dogs are often considered important members of the family and who the dog goes to may be very important to divorcing spouses. … Read moreWho Gets the Dog in a Divorce in California?