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The Importance of a Business Succession Plan

It’s often difficult for us to think of the future as individuals, and even harder to think about it in ...
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The Investigation and Disciplinary Process of the Professional Conduct Program

Well-run capital markets pair capital investors with those seeking to invest assets in profitable ventures. Highly efficient capital markets, in ...
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What to Look For in a Guardian For Your Child

Have you considered who will take on the guardianship role for your children or family members with special needs if ...
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All About White-Collar Crimes

When a person hears the word “crime,” images of bank robberies or people being mugged in dark alleys easily come ...
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New Year’s Resolution Estate Planning!

It’s the new year and with that comes new goals! Usually, people vow to get in better shape or to ...
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The Proposition That Passed With Only 51.4%

Did you follow the results of the vote on the Propositions that were on the November Ballot? ...
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Changes to Estate Planning Due to Proposition 19

In November’s recent election, California passed Proposition 19 (Prop 19), which has changed two important California property tax assessments that ...
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No Clawbacks. The Time to Act is Now!

In 2017, a window was opened. And at the end of 2025, that window will close. This breath of fresh ...
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Landlords: Preparing for the Months Ahead

As moratoriums in most areas of California have been extended and ongoing worry about evictions persist, landlords and tenants may ...
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Force Majeure: How It Can Help You Right Now

With our daily lives changing constantly during the current COVID pandemic, unforeseeable circumstances may prevent real estate owners and tenants ...
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