a red stamp with the words "Insurance Denied"

How to Handle Insurance Denial in Business

Insurance denials are a common issue in business, and they can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line ...
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commercial leases gone wrong- man holding calculator dealing with purchase agreement

Commercial Leases- When Things Can Go Wrong

Commercial leases can become problematic when tenants or landlords experience difficulties. This can include personal mishaps, technical or mechanical failures, ...
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a lawyer pointing to a paper titled "Landlord-Tenant Law"

What You Need to Know About Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law

Commercial landlord-tenant laws are a mix of property law, contract law, and other common law and statutory jurisprudence. These laws ...
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Understanding Eminent Domain: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Eminent Domain? Eminent domain is the term for the power of the government to seize private property for ...
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damaged crops in southern california

Damaged Crops- When to Involve Your Attorney

Ventura County is home to over 100,000 acres of irrigated farmland and over two thousand farming operations, producing billions of ...
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Attorney planning and documenting business acquisitions on pen and paper

How Your Attorney Can Help Plan and Document Business Acquisitions

Gaining business acquisitions requires experience and special skills. It is not an entry-level endeavor. To start, a buyer needs to ...
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shareholders shaking hands over a buy-sell agreement

5 Reasons You Need an Attorney to Draft Shareholder and Buy-Sell Agreements

When preparing a shareholder or a buy-sell agreement, it is important to have an experienced attorney to guide you through ...
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Property Taxes: What to Consider

Under California law, local governments are allowed to levy property taxes on real estate assets such as land, buildings, and ...
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What You Need to Know About Business Law

Business law is the body of law that controls the rights, relations, obligations, and conduct of individuals and entities engaged ...
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a real estate partnership going through a breakup

5 Things to Know When Real Estate Partnerships Go Awry

Real estate partnerships are no different from any business partnership in that things can go wrong for a variety of ...
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