Lowthorp Richards offers dedicated service and aggressive advocacy in DUI and criminal defense cases. If you have been arrested or recently charged with a crime, you need zealous representation and a firm looking to protect your rights. Our highly experienced Central Coast criminal attorneys and staff are prepared to guide you through this ordeal.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a criminal or DUI offense in Central California, it is critical that you not only make every effort to engage both an experienced and reputable criminal defense attorney, but that you also select a lawyer with local court knowledge to best advocate your case through the nuances of our regional courts, legal systems and district attorneys.

Diana P. Lytel heads our criminal defense practice group and has defended almost every type of criminal prosecution from simple misdemeanors to complex multiple felony prosecutions, and has represented thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Her legal prowess frequently brings results of either acquittal, dismissal or reduction of criminal charges for our clients in Central California. Take advantage of our Free Initial Consultation (805) 981-8555.

We handle Felonies, Misdemeanors & DUIs, including: Drug Crimes (drug possession, sale, distribution of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs), DUI, Violent Crimes (assault & battery, sexual assault, spousal abuse-assault, White Collar Crimes (embezzlement, fraud, credit card fraud), armed robbery & theft, weapons charges, Sex Crimes (rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, prostitution, other sex crimes), arson, trespass, hit and run, disorderly conduct (e.g. drunk in public, public intoxication), expungement of criminal records, name changes, criminal mischief, criminal record sealing, and more.

As aggressive and experienced attorneys, we can provide expert witnesses to challenge a prosecutor’s case, file Motions to Suppress, contest illegal searches and seizures, negotiate alternatives to jail and obtain reduced sentence modifications. What sets us apart from other criminal defense attorneys is our record of successes, dedication to clients and distinguished reputation for aggressively resolving our clients’ legal problems with affordable fee pricing options.

Just because you were arrested does not mean you are guilty. Lowthorp Richards will give your case the personalized time and effort required to get the best overall outcome. Call immediately to obtain a case review.